iPad: Print to a Wireless Printer

You can print directly from your iPad to a wireless printer if:

  • The printer is wireless and is AirPrint-enabled.
  • The printer and your iPad are turned on and connected to the same wireless network.

What is AirPrint?

AirPrint is Apple’s technology that enables printers to print documents over WiFi connections. Many apps on the iPad can access a printer using AirPrint.

Most wireless printers are AirPrint-enabled by default. When you set up your printer, AirPrint should work automatically. If it doesn’t, you may need to check your printer’s settings to enable AirPrint.

Print from an iPad

To print from your iPad:

  1. Open a document in Notes or any other app.
  2. Tap the Share icon or the More… icon.
  3. Tap Print.
  4. Tap Select Printer.
  5. Select a printer from the list of AirPrint printers available.
  6. Select options such as number of copies to print.
  7. Tap Print.


iPad: Print to a Wireless Printer (PDF)