LR Before & After: Tulips

In this lesson, we’ll edit a tulip photo in Lightroom CC and create a preset to apply to other photos taken at the same time. Here’s a view of our photo before and after editing:


The original photo is a Camera RAW photo taken on a cloudy day in a field of tulips. I also took many other photos using the same camera and settings, so any general edits I make to this photo may also be relevant to other photos in the same shoot. Creating a preset of my edits will help speed up the editing process for the entire shoot.

Create a Preset

Looking at the original Camera RAW photo, I identified a few general areas to fix that I could apply to all photos:

  • Make lens corrections
  • Increase the exposure and contrast
  • Add clarity and vibrance to pop the colors
  • Sharpen the image
  • Add a vignette

I’ll make a preset of these values. Then, with any other photos from the same photo shoot, I can:

  • Apply the preset
  • Tweak the preset values for each individual photo, as needed
  • Adjust the black point and the white point sliders

The following images show the values used in each section of Lightroom:


To create the preset:

  1. Click the + button in the Presets panel to add a new preset.
  2. In the New Develop Preset dialog, enter a name for the preset. Select the folder you want to store it in.
  3. Click Check None.
  4. Add only those values that you want to include in the preset as shown below.
  5. Click Create.


Make Individual Edits

After you apply the preset, you can then tweak the preset values and adjust the Blacks and Whites sliders for each individual photo. For this photo, I adjusted the Blacks and Whites as shown below, but made no other changes.

Presets are a Starting Point

Presets are a great starting point for editing multiple photos, especially if the photos were taken during the same photo shoot. However,  presets do not always work for all photos to create the same effects. You may need to tweak some settings for each photo after applying a preset.

Here is another photo from the same photo shoot after applying the Tulips preset and making some additional tweaks.

Download the Tulips Preset

You can download the Tulips template from Dropbox: