Protect Against Facebook Scams on the iPad

Facebook is a goldmine for spammers and malicious scammers. Here are a few of the scams you may encounter.

Fake profiles

Your profile picture and username are always public info on Facebook. Your Friends list is public by default. Someone uses your picture and name to create a fake account and then sends friend requests to your friends. When your friends accept the fake friend requests, they may receive messages asking for money or see posts urging them to buy products.

Free items, gift cards and tickets

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No one is going to give you free iPads or iPhones or gift cards. They may ask you to complete a survey (to get your contact info for marketers) or send a small amount of money to secure your “gift.”

Surveys and Quizzes

While many surveys and quizzes are not scams, some are. They may install an app in Facebook that can access your friends list and post to your timeline, or they may ask you give them personal data such as your phone number. Always check to see what permissions are required before filling out a survey or quiz, even if you really want to know “What Disney Princess Am I?”

“Like­farming” Scams

Some scammers trick you into “liking” and sharing a post so that it reaches more Facebook users. Examples are emotional stories of rescued pets or medical cures. After it reaches a large
number of users, they edit the post to contain malicious content or ask for money. Be sparing with your “likes.”

Protect Your Privacy

To protect your privacy, you can hide personal information on your profile and limit the apps that use Facebook to log in.

Adjust Privacy Settings

To adjust Privacy settings:

  1. Tap the drop­down arrow at the top right of the Home page (News Feed)s.
  2. Tap Privacy Shortcuts.
  3. Tap Privacy Checkup.
  4. Set your Posts​ audience to Friends. ​Tap Next.
  5. Set most of your Profile​ info to Friends ​or Only Me​. Tap Next​.
  6. In the Apps​ screen, change the settings to Only Me​. You can also delete any apps for which you don’t want to use a Facebook login.
  7. Tap Done​.

Hide Your Friends List

You cannot hide your Friends list in the Facebook app on the iPad. You must log in to Facebook in a browser window.

To hide your Friends list from everyone but you:

  1. Open Facebook in your browser (Safari or Chrome).
  2. Tap your name to go to your Profile ​page.
  3. Tap Friends​.
  4. Tap Edit​ (the pencil icon). You may have to tap twice until you see Edit Privacy​.
  5. Tap Edit Privacy​.
  6. Change the privacy settings to Only Me​.
  7. Tap Done​.

Adjust Apps Settings

People who can see your info can bring it with them when they use apps. You can control whatinfo an app can see.

To adjust Apps settings:

  1. Tap the drop­down arrow at the top right of the Home page (News Feed).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Apps​.
  4. In the Apps Others Use​ section, tap the Edit ​arrow.
  5. Clear the check boxes next to the data you want to protect.

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Protect Against Facebook Scams (iPad)