Use Spotlight Search on the iPad

Do you want to find one app in an iPad cluttered with icons spread across several screens?

Do you need to find a particular note or mail message?

Are you looking for contact info for a friend?

Spotlight Search can help you quickly find what you need on your iPad.

Access Spotlight Search

To access Spotlight Search, swipe down from the middle on any screen. The Spotlight Search screen is displayed.

Note: If you enabled Siri Suggestions, you will see apps and search terms you use frequently, as shown below.

Settings for Spotlight Search

Spotlight Suggestions searches the web, your apps, your contacts, your media and nearby locations and shows you the results. For example, it can suggest movie times or a Chinese restaurant nearby. It can find a song in the Music app or a movie in the TV app.

To enable Spotlight Suggestions, open Settings, then General, then Spotlight Search.

  1. Turn on Siri Suggestions. You will see suggested apps and keywords that you use frequently even before you start typing.
  2. Turn on Suggestions in Search. When you enter a search term, Spotlight Search will offer suggestions from the App Store, iTunes Store, Wikipedia, Movies and websites. It will also search apps on your iPad.
  3. Turn on Suggestions in Look Up. To use Look Up, you can select a word in any app, such as your browser or Notes, and then tap Look Up.
  4. You can also enable or disable Search Results for all the apps on your iPad.

Search Your iPad

Tap and enter a search request in the Search box. Spotlight searches your iPad and some Spotlight-enabled apps for you. It automatically displays a list of all the results it has found as you type, even before you complete the word. You can then tap to open any app, listen to a song, watch a movie or visit any website displayed in the search results. If your search term is found in a Note or an email, you can open Notes or Mail to view it.

Note: Spotlight primarily finds items in Apple apps. For example, if you have a purchased song in the Music app, Spotlight will find it. It won’t find a purchased song in Amazon Prime Music.

Download PDF

Spotlight Search (PDF)